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Soulshine - An Allman Brothers Experience

Soulshine - An Allman Brothers Experience

Saturday, September 28, 2024

8:00 PM

Doors 7PM


SoulShine is a group of seasoned New York musicians who, through their mutual love of the Allman Brothers Band, have united for the sole purpose of bringing you the ultimate Allman Brothers experience. The seminal catalogue of the Allman Brothers singalongs and jams are carefully replicated with all of the important attention to detail: spot on guitar and vocal harmonies, two drummers, a real Hammond B-3 organ with Leslie speaker, mind-bending improvisation and amazing slide guitar playing, all in front of a dazzling video backdrop display. Come out and enjoy an experience you will not soon forget!

"SoulShine is the best Allman Brothers Tribute I have seen yet!"
-John Scher, CEO - Metropolitan Entertainment

"SoulShine is a group of seasoned musicians who can improvise heartfelt solos and stay true to the original, Duane would be proud. Cool visual graphics on the back screen as well"
-Steve Walters, CEO The Cutting Room NYC

"Allman Brothers fans are serious about their Allman Brothers music. They're not going to just come out and dance to any band playing their favorite tunes - that band's gotta be great. They have to nail the songs, nail the solos, nail the vibe. Allman Brothers fans have to know the band they're watching takes the music seriously...and that's SoulShine. They go deep into their jams just kie The Allmans did, and that's why their fans keep coming."
-Josh Cohen, Talent Buyer - Garcia's at The Capital Theater, Port Chester, NY

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